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Everything you need to dry & condition grain in your bin

DRI-Stack® is the only bin management solution that gives farmers a way to dry grain in their existing bin & target dry specific zones.

Complete with moisture & temperature cables for year-round remote monitoring with automated fan control through an online dashboard.
  • Dry-down from 23% moisture
  • Up to 40% reduction in energy cost
  • Harvest 2-3 weeks earlier
  • Up to 4x quicker than ambient drying
  • Remote monitoring 24/7
  • Service & install included
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Control your fan from anywhere

  • Automated aeration based on weather
  • Control from your phone or computer
  • Fan runtime log
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A better solution to monitor your bin site

Your bin, our technology

Combine your existing bin infrastructure with Haber's technology to remotely control & monitor your bin
“We harvested at 23% this year & went directly into our DRI-Stack bin. It worked well & we were able to harvest fast & early. It was trouble-free corn drying.”
Iowa Farmer

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